Thibaut Espiau

Ištvan Išt Huzjan

Gregoire Motte

are Artists Club

Brussels, 2012

We adopted a formerly functional safe in a former jeweler’s shop at 63, Hopstraat in the center of Brussels and transformed it into a space for researching, exhibiting, and producing art. We have named it Coffre-Fort (Safe).

Coffre-Fort is a continuation and materialization of our ephemeral activities as a club. We will invite artists that we admire and analyze to join us and exhibit their works in our Coffre-Fort.

Artists Club in Ljubljana

We will travel to Ljubljana slowly, using public transport, and bring with us documentation of our Coffre-Fort program to date. We will use the journey itself as a studio space in which we will develop, with the act of traveling, the form of our presentation in Ljubljana. We expect the journey to take four days. Our presentation takes place on 17 July.