“a fading echo drifting flat…”

… is a sound performance of a voice shifting in endless repetitions of a refrain of a melody constructed and deconstructed in harmony with body sounds and excesses of the voice, Dictaphone recordings and their multiplications, echoes in a space and the point of exhaling in which the voice originates. It is a dialogue between memory of the living past, a short circuit with the present, and summoning the future…

Irena Tomažin’s work with the voice, the iT project, focuses on the voice itself and its multiplications with manifold Dictaphone recordings. The interplay of the recorded and live voices is intertwined with fragments of singing, speaking and improvisation. The artist also uses short excerpts of dramatic texts, adapted and interpreted by her, and her own texts and songs. The resulting event consists of sung narration in soundscapes of abstract melodies and word play.

In the confusion of the variety of voices where each voice blends with another in meaning and expression, the artist brings her voice collages, in her search for some inherent dramaturgy of the capricious voices into a playground where the need for sense is replaced by the interplay of forms.


Irena Tomažin is a choreographer, performer and singer. She participates in theater, dance, and musical performances at home and abroad. Her work focuses primarily on the voice in relation to the body and motion. She also teaches workshops for the voice and pursues postgraduate studies of philosophy at the University of Ljubljana. In 2007 she received the Golden Bird Award.