The Party comprises a video and an installation. The video is of a group of masked individuals having some sort of meeting in a bourgeois apartment in Paris. Through their mute and clumsy interactions and interconnections the artist explores the notions of society and living together. The world of the video transits into the space of projection where it is freely reinterpreted in the medium of painting and in space. The Party allows the visitor to make him- or herself comfortable while watching the video in an environment reminiscent of a theater (a foyer, stage design), a cinema and a living room with its carpeted floor, cushion, velvet drapes… A part of the dispositif is also the audio commentary, a phantom companion to the viewer, creating a microclimate in the room.
The video and the installation will be accompanied by impromptu appearances and playful performances of the masked protagonists (Alenka Herman, Nataša Živković, Pila Rusjan, Janez Pavlovčič, Nina Trebec, Katja Likar, Sara Koncilja, Vid Avdič Batista), expanding the space of representation of the video and transgressing the media boundaries.
Noemi Veberič Levovnik, born in 1985 in Kranj. engages in mixed media practice (painting, drawing, video, photography, filmed performance, sound, multimedia installation). She graduated in film and fine art studies from the university Paris 8 in 2009 and obtained a master’s degree in contemporary art from the Quimper Art School (France) and from the University Paris 8 (contemporary art and new media). She is living and working in Ljubljana and Paris.