The debate will be about participatory practices in the hybrid spaces of art, the ways they can be community-oriented, their production conditions and involvement in cultural policies. Participants: Miha Horvat (son:DA), Simon Kardum (Kino Šiška), Simon Macuh (DLUC/Festival Vstop prost), Barbara Orel (AGRFT), Gašper Troha (Ministry of Culture) and Mojca Puncer (independent theorist and critic).

Hibridni prostori umetnosti

Edited by: Barbara Orel, Maja Šorli and Gašper Troha

Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani, AGRFT and Maska, 2012.

The book presents the research done into the hybrid spaces of art that have opened up over the past two decades in Slovenian performative and scenic arts. Hybrid spaces of art are seen as an open territory of possibilities in which heterogeneous artistic practices consciously seek positions of intermediacy in elusive borderline spheres, unpredictably interconnecting with existing aesthetic codes, social, cultural, and political circumstances, and economic interests.

The thread linking together the discussions on the selected cases of hybridity goes from traditional art spaces (such as theaters, galleries, museums tec.) via alternative and marginal venues to the broader social space. In so doing it traces an arc from critical performative practices reflecting topical sociopolitical issues to art deriving directly from social circumstances and developing new models of the public. The discussions underscore the characteristics of contemporary art and the transition from the aesthetic to the post-aesthetic, suggesting also the shift from the political to the economic function of art. The debate will focus on the question what types of work have evolved in the hybrid spaces of art over the past two decades.