The floating city is a self-sufficient modular platform, made for testing technologies and aspects of self-sufficient living and prosperity. The object is designed and made in such a way that it has no undesired impact on the surrounding environment. Everything needed for a comfortable stay on the platform is provided for by rocket mass heaters, underfloor air circulation, an aquaponic system, a greenhouse, a composting sanitation unit, filtered water and a comfortable living and working space for the inhabitants.

The main living pods are five meter in diameter geodesic domes that sit on a grid of wooden beams and recycled plastic containers for transporting liquid cargo which provide floatation for the entire setup.

The city was initially made to be used by artists from all around the world who can work in total isolation from the rest of society there. Usage of modern appliances such as phones, computers and radios is limited or even better completely eliminated from the premises. This allows one to relax and calm the thinking process without being constantly interrupted by the enormous scale of visual and audio stimuli that envelop the senses in our everyday life. The second and main purpose of this project was education and explanation of simple sustainable technologies and approaches.

The project was finished to some extent but never lived to experience the full glory of what it was designed to achieve, mostly due to the lack of interest from the municipal authorities and the supporting groups.

Elvis Halilović was born in Slovenj Gradec in 1987. He studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and ASP in Krakow. He has participated in many exhibitions, including, in 2009: Unicum – 1st Triennial of Ceramics, Narodni muzej, Ljubljana; Oko za oko (selected works by students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana), the annual exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Interreci/Prepletanja, Meduza Gallery, Koper; in 2011: Opposite Poles, Hunter College, New York; foto objekti, Simulaker Gallery, Novo Mesto; 2012: Plavajoče mesto, Velenje. In 2013 he received the Golden Bird Award for design.