The performance Sofa is a context-specific event. The artists develop its context each time in accordance with the political situation and the art event within which it is performed. “In the show the artists are binary positioning themselves as a protagonist and an antagonist. A schematic separation through opposing qualifications (man-woman, left-right, black-white etc.) presented in a distanced way is disproving the system of binary thinking itself and functions as a fissure between the performers, which gradually turns into a fracture between the artists and the audience.” (J. Janša, 2009) The single-word, politically incorrect dialog ends in loud laughter after every line. According to Judith Butler the intentional laughter functions as a subversive act in view of inadequate discourses and as a sign of relief.

In this edition, specially prepared for the U3 – 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia, the artists deal with the theme of resilience in an hour and a half long performance.

“A decadence of figures, performed by Leja Jurišić and Teja Reba in the performance Sofa, illustrates the erosion of cultural and neoliberal Europe and the ever stronger rejection of intellectuality. A stinging performance in which each individual spectator can choose their own ‘rhyme’.” Helmut Ploebst, Der Standard, 4 December 2010

“… this was a really great piece. Fantastically performed, politically sharp and very, very funny.” Julia Bardsley (2012)

Active as an experimental tandem since 2008, Leja Jurišić & Teja Reba have gained broader recognition with a critically acclaimed performance Between Us (2009). The durational performance Sofa (2010), commissioned by Tanzquartier Vienna, was selected for numerous national and international art venues. Jurišić and Reba are recipients of the Ksenija Hribar Award in the category of Best Perspective Choreographers (2013).