A telematic and multimedia performance, Transmittance brings together topnotch performers (performance and visual artists, musicians, computer programmers) to explore the performative possibilities of transmittance and telepresence and to reflect on the neuralgic points of society. In this project, a specific method of improvised performance is being developed: the actual performance depends on an online audience that chooses and determines the acts to be performed by the artists. The technology supporting the performance is open-source, underpinning the entire ethical range of the performance, and accessible to anyone with a computer and Internet access. These are open-source browsers (such as Firefox), IRC technology etc., not requiring any payable software. The programs are developed by the authors of the performance.

The project is part of the manifestation One Step Forward, Twenty Steps Back, marking the 20th anniversary of activities of the independent culture in Ljubljana. 

Maja Delak is a choreographer, performer, and educator. Luka Prinčič is a musician, performance and intermedia artist. They started working together in 2008, bringing together contemporary dance, intermedia art and music in their work.


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