Miha Ciglar will perform an improvised set based on no-input mixing board feedback concepts, involving the new musical interface Syntact, which he developed within IRZU – Institute for Sonic Arts Research and its spin-off company Ultrasonic Audio Technologies. The revolutionary technology behind Syntact provides contact-free tactile feedback to the musician. By utilizing airborne ultrasound a force field is created in mid-air that can be sensed in a tactile way. It allows a musician to feel the actual sound with its temporal and harmonic texture. While an optical sensor system is interpreting the musician’s hand gestures and mapping the descriptors of hand motion onto sound synthesis/processing parameters, the musician can physically engage with the medium of sound by virtually molding and shaping it – i.e. changing its acoustic appearance – directly with his or her hands.

Miha Ciglar is a composer and researcher in the field of audio technologies. He holds an MSc degree from the Academy of Music and the University of Technology in Graz, Austria. In 2008, Ciglar founded the Institute for Sonic Arts Research – IRZU. He is the initiator and curator of the annual international sonic arts festival EarZoom in Ljubljana, Slovenia (started in 2009). In 2011 he founded Ultrasonic audio technologies – a start-up company, developing a wide range of products including new musical interface controllers based on non-contact tactile feedback and computer vision, directional speakers based on modulated ultrasound, as well as several mobile applications combining music-making and gaming. Ciglar was the chairperson of the 2012 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), held in September 2012 at IRZU in Ljubljana, Slovenia