The politically engaged documentary film Newborn forms part of the artists’ extensive research into coloniality, present-day forms of colonialism, the ways the matrix of capitalism works, and other discriminatory practices analyzed by the tandem Leban & Kleindienst over the past years. Today, Kosovo is in a state of complete economic, political and cultural subordination, which raises a number of questions concerning its sovereignty and its supposed right to self-determination as an independent and sovereign state. The documentary film aims to show what is in reality a state of emergency brought about by various historically familiar instruments of colonialism and new forms of colonization closely linked to the expansion of the capitalist matrix. This modern form of colonization could be described as simultaneous coloniality, which does not represent an exception but a new form of dominance.

Characteristic of the practice of the Leban & Kleindienst tandem is critical engagement in art and theory. In their projects the artists analyze and underscore the workings of the capitalist matrix of power and the related systems of classification, valorization, and discrimination. The artists have been actively researching the concept of coloniality and the new forms of colonization since 2008, exploring and analyzing them in a variety of intermedia projects in the fields of art and theory.