The cultural association KUD Mreža has been active since 1997, developing its own painting, sculpture, video and theater production within the Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova mesto. The association organizes cultural events, runs the Menza pri koritu venue and the Alkatraz Gallery, and collaborates with local artists in the Urban Art Projects. Since 2003, KUD Mreža has been managing the renovations of buildings within the ACC Metelkova Mesto with the support of the Ljubljana City Council, and compiling an archive of the ACC Metelkova Mesto (audio and visual recordings, photos, documents, etc.).

Over these past 15 years, the Alkatraz Gallery program has evolved into a recognizable and consequential contribution to the presentation of contemporary art production, appreciated by the expert and general public alike. Shaping a high-quality program with innovative approaches, the non-profit gallery caters to all the inhabitants of and visitors to the capital, regardless of their social or financial status. The program aims to support and promote cultural and artistic practices and help realize interdisciplinary projects by local, regional, and international institutions, independent groups, and individuals. The Alkatraz Gallery is understandably closely linked with the ACC Metelkova Mesto, known by its visitors as the largest European autonomous center of alternative culture. The advantage of forming part of the ACC is the greater recognizability of the Alkatraz, but on the other hand also the gallery spreads information about the activities of the ACC Metelkova Mesto and the artistic production in its studios by participating in international art fairs and through its exhibitions program.

Some 40 visual artists work under the auspices of the Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova Mesto in studios they have fixed themselves. Entering these intimate, creatively and visually diverse spaces gives us insight into the rich variety of artistic production enabled by the ACC Metelkova mesto throughout all these years.