We will set up The Public Office*, a dance studio, debate room and place to watch films and listen to music. Each day the program of that day’s events will be drawn up over breakfast; the events will be run and attended by some thirty participants and viewers.

Thus we shall witness the process of becoming acquainted with, co-creating and deciding on projects that will in turn be invited to the Nomad Dance Institute. The Nomad Dance Institute’s mottos for the next five years are: “everything is education” and “knowledge returns to the community as a commodity”.

We believe the most important question to be asked at this moment is: “How is something done?” Thus we see the conditions of collaborating, creating and financing as political rather than merely administrative and pragmatic factors. The “how” determines the “what” and answers the “why”.

*The Public Office is an Open Source Initiative by Dilettant. Read more at http://thepublicoffice.se

The Nomad Dance Academy is an international platform based in the Balkans and expanding into new countries. Its fundamental vision is the professionalization of the field of contemporary scenic arts in the Balkan region and wider, in an inclusive, open structure through the exchange of knowledge and experience of numerous artists, producers, theoreticians, and critics.