11.09, 18.00
Location: Museum square

Text: Anja Novak
Performers: Maruša Majer, Anja Novak, Vid Klemenc
Director: Simon Belak
Choreographer: Klemen Janežič
Composer: Dominik Steklasa
Scenographer: Nika Rupnik
Music: Anja Novak, Ana Obreza, Aljaž Bastič
Production: Glej Theatre (the play is being produced as part of Glej, Resident 2013)

Poetry, dreams, theater, train. An allegorical journey through a dreamscape. Nine stations, nine deaths. A train that travels nowhere and stops nowhere. The captive of an endless track, speeding along because time goes by. So that time goes by. Nine stations, nine deaths. Memories fly past the windows, tastes in the next compartment, touches in the next car. The fireman stokes the furnace of dreams with the loves of yesteryear. Nine stations, nine deaths.

Dreamster originated in the process of unraveling dreams and following associations. The logic of theater seeks a place for dreams, and in the dreams, theater. Both dreams and poetry


25.09, 18.00
Location: Museum square

Directed by: Nina Šorak (G-FART)
Dramaturgy: Zala Sajko (G-FART)
Cast: Nika Rozman, Stane Tomazin
Set design: Hanna Juta Kozar

The idea for the show originated while listening to a song. A song entitled “Thursday”. As G-FART, we are mainly concerned with looking for ways to awaken the viewers’ sensuality, and this provided us with an opportunity to translate that which cannot be put into words onto the stage. How to convey the feelings we get when listening to this song? How to stage that bit of emptiness in the individual when he or she gazes at the horizon and falls silent?

In our search for a situation we stopped at the discourse of love. Today, this is extremely lonesome, underrated and ridiculed. All it can do is slip into pathos, which never triggers real emotions in viewers. With Thursday we wish to point out the fact we have all experienced such aloneness at one time or another.

G-FART formed in 2011 involving the students attending Sebastijan Horvat’ seminar at the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film, and Television in Ljubljana. The first year we founded the Prezir theater festival to explore Slovenian expressionist one-act plays. In 2012, Prezir #2 was founded; its aim was experimental theater. This year, the troupe has been invited to a residence at the Glej Theater; they have already performed a part of their program. In their individual poetics the troupe members differ considerably; the essential trait they have in common is their care for the theater.