Artists Club creates images by running the Coffre-Fort exhibition venue and by presenting its work in other institutions, when invited to do so. Documenting collaboration with other artists and galleries, most often resulting in events, objects, and projections or screenings, is closely related to photography. For this reason, Artists Club has decided to show its club album of photos in Ljubljana and accompany it with comments by the three Artists Club members, Gregoire, Ištvan and Thibaut.

Seeing every invitation as another opportunity to research and inventory its activities, Artists Club has on this occasion chosen to make two stops on its journey to Ljubljana, in Karlsruhe and Munich. In Karlsruhe Artists Club will visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is part of the ZKM / Center for Art and Media, run by Peter Weibel, the curator of the second U3 in 1997. In Munich, Artists Club will visit the Alte Pinakothek and the exhibitions of Ivan Kožarić and Joelle Tuerlinckx in the Haus der Kunst. Artists Club perceives such a slow journey by car with stops on the way as a didactic introduction into the art space of Slovenia and its history. Thus Artists Club has chosen an institution headed by Peter Weibel, the artist Joelle Tuerlincks, whose exhibition has traveled to Munich from Wiels in Brussels and who had exhibited at Manifesta 3 in Ljubljana, and the artist Ivan Kožarić, an important formative figure for the Slovenian member of Artists Club. Artists Club is going to create new images on the road and include them in the album it is bringing to Ljubljana.

On 17 July, Artists Club is presenting the latest additions to its album as a performance in the museum square outside the +MSUM building. The façade of +MSUM will serve as the projection surface, in keeping with the Artists Club perceiving itself as a parasite institution outside the institution, projecting its image from the outside into the interior.